Business Analyst for Landal GreenParks

  • Locatie: Leidschendam
  • Aantal uur: 40
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For our client Landal GreenParks we are looking for a Business Analyst.

The Business Analyst makes business cases and performance analyses. These business cases and analysis are input for the Landal board to make decisions on acquiring new parks, redevelop new parks or renegotiate on existing contracts with park owners. The Director Business Development gives the business analyst the assignments. Together they prepare strategic proposals for the Landal board, for instance on acquiring a new park. The Business Analyst makes the Capital Requests for Wyndham, so that the proposed investments from the business cases made by the Business Analyst can be financed. The Business Analyst supports the board in decision making on reaching the company goals through business cases and enables direction setting through analysis.


  • Making business cases for strategic initiatives, redevelopments and contract renewals to support the board in decision making. (Time:30%)
  • Making business cases for investments for instance in central facilities for supporting the board in decision making. (Time:20%)
  •  Analysis to support the board in decision making on reaching the company goals and enable direction setting. (Time:20%)
  • Making the Capital Requests for Wyndham to finance the investments. (Time:10%)
  • Sharing financial expertise in projects. (Time:10%)
  • Developing financial management information. (Time:10%)
  • Capex: 26,5 mln.
  • Acquisition new parks.
  • Impact on profititability Landal long term.
Internal contacts:
  • Board to support their decision making.
  • Director Business development, Director operations Support, Director IT and Director Facility support give assigments to the business analist.
  • Planning & Control, business controllers, Tax and Legal for relevant content.

Jouw profiel

  • Executive master in Economics.
  • At least 5 years experience in a similar position.
  • Good communication skills, resolute and flexible.


Landal GreenParks is a leading company in the field of vacation property rental and management, comprising 13,000 chalets in about 80 vacation parks, several of which also have campsite facilities. The parks are located in the Netherlands (50 parks), Germany (10 parks), Belgium (3 parks), Austria (6 parks), Denmark (5 parks), Switzerland (3 parks), UK (2 parks), Czech Republic (1 park) and Hungary (1 park). Some 3,000 employees work in the parks and in the offices in Leidschendam and Zwolle (Netherlands) , Trier (Germany) and Varde (Denmark).

Landal GreenParks has annual sales of over EUR 400 million and welcomes over 2.5 million visitors a year. The majority of guests come from the Netherlands, however, the share of Dutch guests has been decreasing in the last years considering the ever more international character of the park portfolio.

Landal GreenParks is a strong brand in the Netherlands, with a high name awareness. The brand has been marketed in a very consistent way in recent years. What distinguishes Landal GreenParks from other vacation rental providers is the open feel of its high-quality parks. Tranquility, space and nature are the most important characteristics of the parks and also the primary reason why guests choose Landal GreenParks. About 2/3 of the guests are repeat visitors.

What also distinguishes Landal GreenParks is the company’s strong focus on the guest. The aim is to exceed the guests’ expectations which translates in an average NPS of about 40 and an average Zoover score above 8. Also, in 2010 Landal GreenParks was voted ‘The Most Customer-Friendly Company’ and has since then consistently been receiving  top 10 listings. Moreover, for a number of consecutive years, Landal GreenParks has received awards in the area of customer experience and quality, among which the Zoover Awards for ‘Best Holiday Park’, ‘Most Popular Holiday Park’ and ‘Best Holiday Website’.

Exceeding guest expectations is achieved through the highly motivated Landal work force, that can operate in a pleasant work environment with broad opportunities to develop. Landal was also voted, among other things, 4th Best Employer of 2014 in the category of companies with more than 1,000 employees. Landal has consistently ranked no. 1 employer in the hospitality sector.

Landal Greenparks is part of Wyndham Worldwide, in which numerous enterprises in the fields of hotel, timeshare and vacation rental accommodations are brought together (see also Wyndham Worldwide is listed on the New York Stock Exchange

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Claudia Blom